The "Alan Q." series
Scouting various locations and light.
  Inspired by "Lord of the rings"
The Amazone has been out hunting
Investigating setup and framing
Collecting props: "brown" cowboy hat
Collecting props: cartridge belt
Collecting props: treasure map
  Aiming at an elephant or something
  And a random shot on the western hemisphere:"We are going to take them Buffaloo down"
  Shoot 2: THE MAP
  Shoot 2: THE MAP
  Shoot 3: THE ARROW

Shoot 4: THE FIGHT

Shoot 4: THE FIGHT. (Test composite)

Random Shot of 2: THE MAP (element)

Random Shot of 4: THE FIGHT (element)

Random Shot of 2: THE MAP (element)

Random Shot of 2: THE MAP (element)

Alan Quatermain

10. - 11 Sept. Nyord

1.. Wading ashore
2.. Entering the territory. (THE MAP)
3.. Discovering amazones, Looking at arrow in the ground. (THE ARROW)
4.. Fighting. (THE FIGHT)
5.. Shooting an amazone.
6.. Capturing an amazone. (tying her up) Forcing her to go in a direction.

17. - 18. Sept. Fakse Kalkbrud

7.. Amazones peeping
8.. Amazones behind trees
9.. Amazones with bows and arrows, aiming a bow. In the fight.
10..Standing and pointing at the entruders at the lost city.
11..Amazone telling the way to the lost city.
12..Over the shoulder of an amazone shot towards Alain Q that leads the captured amazone into the lost city.

The adventurers.
Old coat, cowboy hat, leather boots, cartrige belt with shells, old weapons from tøjhusmuseet and shooting club ( week collectors licence), knife, canvas bags. Unshaven models. Different extra props. Like pocket watch, telescope. Contact tøjhusmuseet.

The Amazones:
Skirt of leopard or brown skin like fabric with slits, brown skin like top. Leather straps, sandals with leather thongs. Turqouise jewellery. Bow and arrow. Spear. Feathers. Wild hair, Turquise eyes, normal shining neutral lips (not turqouise). Little skin bag of natural uncarved skin (optional). Feathers.